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Julie Paskal’s desire to create a new product that would embody relevant idea of versatility led to the launch of the athleisure brand AEROBIKA in 2020. 
AEROBIKA garments can be worn both at home and in a yoga studio and at a party, of course. The main goal is unlimited self-expression without any physical and mental constraints. The philosophy of freedom is embodied in comfy jersey suits, silk ensembles and tight-fitting supplex unitards. 
Comfort is the main principle that guides us when we choose materials. The skin-like supplex manufactured in Italy protects against ultraviolet radiation, is resistant to chlorinated water, and also provides thermoregulation due to its membrane structure.
We celebrate the beauty of every body in any expression and we do not want to be limited only by external form. AEROBIKA is a call to accept yourself, to love your body and the world around.

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